The Magic of Metals

When I taught my crafts program (before it was cut in 2010) we spent an entire marking period working with metal. (view past students’ work).  The experience, the use of the tools, and the design sensibilities required for students to successfully work with metal is too important to let go… so I have incorporated a metals lesson into my new course! Personally, I love the finished results and watching my students command the material to make it do what they want it to do.  A kid with a torch seems like a frightening prospect, right? – but it’s quite satisfying and powerful to watch them work!

Last year, I designed our art show, Clipped,  around the metals unit, this year I required that my students create a miniature metal panel. Some of them will use their finished pieces as closures on their books when we sew them together at the end of the year, and others will frame it.

Good design is a beautiful thing…..good design expressed in copper is positively luscious! I enjoy the diversity in design and the surface quality of the students’ work.  Hope you do too.  Scroll down to see more – all created by 9th – 12th grade!

About Karen

Karen Kiick began her teaching career in 1990 in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Since 1996, she has taught at Haddon Township High School in Westmont, New Jersey. She is her District's K-12 Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator and currently teaches 9th through 12th grades. Karen is a five-time recipient (2005, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017) of the New Jersey Governor’s Award for Excellence in Art Education. She is also the 2017 National Secondary Art Teacher of the Year and the 2015 NJ Art Educator of the Year.
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