“AERO: art education renews oneself”  school wide art installation on June 12, 2013. This entire installation was created from the cardboard boxes that our art supplies were shipped in for the 2012 school year. It is about photosynthesis and living in balance with nature. All of my middle school students created the components for this installation throughout the school year and six middle school students worked to set it up! Learn more about the Art is Elemental curriculum.

“Tapped – a message from a bottle” school wide art installation. June 6, 2012. My 6th, 7th and 8th grade students created this installation using water bottles, caps and a bunch of other trashy stuff! The sound you are hearing is what the caps sound like when they are being dragged across the floor!  Learn more.

“when TRAsh becomes ART” school wide art installation. June 2011.  These three installations were created by my MS students and used over 1,200 plastic utensils that were rescued from the trash during lunch from September to June. The utensils were thrown “away” in a special container, washed and ready for their new life as art! Learn More.

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